Another Marketing Blog?

Does the world, the blogosphere, the business community, really need another blog about marketing. I think not. However, to be a successful in-bound marketer, you need to have one. Why? Content and links. What do I mean by that... well, you increase your 'findability' on the web when you have great content/information to share; people read it and then share it with others, which creates links back to your website. This raises your 'status' within Google search. For those who do SEO (search engine optimization), new media, social marketing, etc. for a living, this is not news, but for those small business, non-profits and mid-sized businesses who feel like the internet world is passing them by, this might very well be a revelation. This blog is for you.

In the past I have given many workshops and seminars on marketing. During the past two years I have been asked "Should I blog?" at every workshop. My response has traditionally been, "probably not." My reason for that response was because most business people don't have the ability to transfer what they know in their industry into layman's terms so that others can easily understand it AND because in order to blog successfully, you need to be consistent; you need to make a commitment to spend time each week blogging about something interesting. Most people can't even find the time to check their LinkedIn in-box each week, much less blog about something consistently in a voice that people can understand.

Therefore, my response about creating a blog is the same; probably not, unless you will make a weekly (or daily) time commitment to it and you will find a way to transfer what you know, what is news in your industry, or what might be a revelation to your target audience and turn it into layman's terms that will excite someone enough to contact you about it or share it with others.

If you still want to blog and now understand why it is important and how to do it, then perhaps you can assign someone within your company who has knowledge and time and the ability to write well, to create a company blog. If so, be sure to oversee it and make sure that it properly represents your firm.

When you are brave enough, open it up to comments from visitors. Scary? Yes, why? Because people might say something negative about your company, yes, they might. What a wonderful opportunity for you to respond quickly and carefully and make sure that you come across as a responsive and caring organization. It is actually a chance to shine.

So, before this goes on too long. That's my blogging 101 lesson and very first post (I actually have a blog on my website with other posts, but this is an official WordPress blog!). Please feel free to comment and to ask questions. My intent it to have this blog as an open marketing and public relations forum where people can ask questions, get answers and have healthy discussions that move everyone forward. Afterall, the recession is over (according to Alan Greenspan who just reiterated that on Meet the Press this morning!).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Risa Hoag, president of GMG Public Relations


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