Finding inspiration in the darndest places

My first blog post was about an inspiring individual, Temple Grandin. She has autism and yet is one of the most brilliant people I've ever read about. I read many of her books (which I highly recommend), and recently HBO did a movie about her life and I shared it in my first blog. Check it out if you have a chance, she will inspire you.

Recently I came across a video that inspires me and I had to share it as well. You could call her a motivational speaker, you could call her a beacon of light, or you could call her a little girl with moxie. But no matter what you call her, you have to admire and appreciate the sheer self confidence she exudes in this video and if you are smart, you will learn from it! I watch this video several times a week now. It makes me smile and it inspires me with the same self confidence. I hope it does for you as well. And be sure to share it with others.