Do you Mindmap? What? You never heard of it! It's time you did. It is a tool I began using 20 years ago when someone showed it to me and I fell in love. It is a terrific visual tool to help everyone quickly understand a project. It can even replace a full blown 15 page proposal when done right. Before software was available I simply used to draw my mindmaps and make copies for those involved.

This is the link to the book that started it all for me: Mindmapping It's an easy read so pick it up if you are so inclined to learn more about the process.

Now there is software to help you create beautiful mindmaps for projects and proposals. The one I use is by Inspiration. It is fairly simple to use and the end product can be exported as a jpg, directly into Word documents, etc. and everyone is always impressed when I include one of these in a pitch, proposal or other document. It simply makes the project easier to comprehend.

Now there are online tools available. While I haven't used any of these yet, I encourage you to take a look at this article and explore some of these tools yourself. I plan to test out the Whiteboard soon! I will post my thoughts shortly.

Have fun!