3 quick things you can do today to declutter before 1/1/11

Need something to do while you're waiting for New Year's Eve? Here's a quick suggestion! Declutter!

1) Start the new year off with less email! Go through your inbox and old eblast emails from companies and organizations and hit the unsubscribe link for those you no longer wish to receive.

2) Visit https://www.catalogchoice.org and you will be able to effortlessly request to be removed from hundreds of the holiday catalogs that probably filled your mailbox over the past 5 weeks!

3) Check your desk. What's sitting around that you really don't need? Throw out that catalog that you never read (that you're going to remove in step 2 for next year!) and throw out that magazine from July that you were holding on to and how about that To Do file that you never actually "do" anything with? Go through it and keep those important papers and toss the ones that you really don't need.

A few quick tips to start the New Year with a little less stress and clutter!


Happy New Year!