Using Video to Market your Business

Just like every other marketing initiative start by clearly identifying your goal and vision for the project. What are you doing a video or series of marketing videos? To sell? Teach? Increase brand awareness or just for fun? Depending upon your overall goal, your video will need to adjust. 

What's in your marketing mix?

When I started my company in 1991 the name was Global Marketing Group - thus the GMG in GMG Public Relations. Marketing seemed like an all encompassing title then and I wanted to be all things to all people (big mistake when marketing!). In any case, when I incorporated in 1996 I shortened the name to GMG Public Relations because public relations better described my company's focus. However, now it seems like I could go back to the old company name. So much of what I do now is overall marketing. Yes PR is a big part of what I do, getting articles for people, writing press releases, arranging interviews, but I also do a lot more consulting and advising when it comes to an overall marketing program. An effective marketing program often includes PR, direct mail, advertising, social media, etc. and I enjoy putting all of those pieces together to create a more comprehensive program that will ultimately drive more sales. So, what's in your marketing mix?

Two Big Hits in One Weekend!

We hope you are enjoying the Season!

We just wanted to take a moment during this Chanukah and Christmas season to wish you, your staff and your family a wonderful holiday. We hope it brings you all good things! We also hope 2012 will be a year filled with happiness, peace and prosperity.

And just a bit of news to share...

We wanted to share an exciting bit of news! Our client Bounce! Trampoline Sports is featured on the cover of today's (12/23) Journal News/LoHud Weekend section for what to do with the kids over the holiday break. This is an outstanding feature and it is actually the third time they have been included in the Journal News since opening on November 5th. We also managed to secure a segment for them which will be featured on the Today Show this Monday, December 26th, at 10:20 am. Sara Haines and her producer and crew visited Bounce! and spent nearly 4 hours with us. It was so much fun. This is the culmination of 5 months of working with the Bounce! folks which resulted in over 12,000 people walking through their doors in the first month! We are very proud of our work with them. You can check out their website (which we designed and manage) at

Thank you.

We also want to say thank you to all our clients, friends and business colleagues who helped to make 2011 such a great year. We are looking forward to an exciting 2012!