Blow your own horn!

Okay, that's what PR is all about right... blowing your own horn? So I thought I would take a minute to do that for GMGPR. We are celebrating our 20th year providing public relations and marketing support to companies in and around Westchester, Rockland and the nation. We have helped individual entrepreneurs announce their new product to the world, we have helped numerous non-profits share their message with the world and we have helped billionaires (yes, with a b) share their good deeds with others.

I am extremely proud of all we have accomplished over the past 20 years. While it would be fun to celebrate with a big party, we are instead celebrating by performing 20 random acts of kindness. If you want to read more about what we have done so far, visit, they are listed right on the home page.

Perhaps one of the things I'm most proud of is winning the Advertising Club of Westchester's Best in Show Award..... TWICE! We are the only firm to win this award twice. The first time, I was 8 months pregnant. I was totally surprised and can't believe I didn't go into labor! We won for creating a press conference in a box for one of our clients which succeeded in generating great coverage for her in magazines such as Fortune, Entrepreneur and Success! The second time we won was for a press kit we had created for one of our national clients. It was a very creative design that also generating a great deal of coverage for the client.

Perhaps the coolest part of winning is that the judges were from public relations and advertising agencies in Manhattan, peers in the industry. Winning these two awards meant beating over 650 other entries from public relations firms, design firms and advertising agencies. 

Again, I don't blow my horn often, but if you are using another firm, ask them if they have won this award. If they have, ask them if they have won it twice. Perhaps they aren't as creative as they think they are.....

Okay, I'm done bragging about our accomplishments... now I'm ready to brag about yours!