This Old House, Paula Deen and the Journal News

PR is a hard business these days. There are so many outlets, so many tools, and so many people vying for the same space! So, good solid hits can be harder to come by and take longer to get. We got a call last week from This Old House Magazine who was interested in featuring our client's product in their October issue. What is exciting, and perhaps a little depressing, is that the information they were referring to in order to find us was sent nearly one year ago! That's right, a press release we sent nearly a year ago was just revisited by a magazine to be used in an upcoming issue that features similar products. I try to tell clients that PR can be a very slow process, particularly when people are looking for good "old fashioned" hits, but they are often very worth the wait. We are hoping the same is true for our client "LadderWrap." If you want to learn more about them, go to and find out for yourself why they are being featured in the ladder safety issue. 

Another client will be featured in an upcoming issue of Paula Dean's magazine. We sent them the product sample in November of last year! So again, the process can be long, but it is often worth the wait, a recent hit for that same client ( generated hundreds of sales in a matter of a few days. 

When you a hire a PR agency don't expect miracles overnight. That's not to say that a good placement isn't only a week or two away (check out the photo of our client Bounce! in a recent article in the Journal News), it can be! But, as with fishing, it is often the biggest and best that take time to catch. 

Or as my mom always said, "Patience is a virtue."