Do something good; it's a win/win

One of my favorite marketing tools is to partner with others. This can mean finding a complimentary business and hosting a combined event or doing a combined mailing. But you can also extend this to working with a charity or non-profit organization. While some might see this as a PR ploy, I beg to differ. I love associating my clients with a charitable organization. Not only is it a "feel good" thing to do, it's a wonderful way to maximize exposure to a new audience and get PR coverage.

For example, many years ago, we ran a promotion at the IMAX Theatre at Palisades Center where a percentage of ticket sales for the summer went to Special Olympics. Not only was it a great cause to support, we were able to get several articles promoting it and then a wonderful photo of a giant check bring presented to Special Olympics from IMAX was picked up in all the local area papers.On top of that, Special Olympics sent information to all the folks on their mailing list about the promotion encouraging them to visit the IMAX Theatre.

Right now we are working with Morton's The Steakhouse which often works with charitable organizations around the world to raise money for good causes. On April 8th, we will host Scottish Night at the Morton's Steakhouse in White Plains. We are bringing in a well-known Kilt maker from Scotland who will do kilt fittings and we will serve Scottish salmon and other famous Morton's hors d'ouevres, have Scotch tastings and Bloomingdales will offer samples of its new UK line. Folks can get fitted for a custom made Kilt and all the proceeds will go to Children1st, an organization in Scotland that helps children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. The kilt maker and Children1st, as well as all their contacts, are doing emailings for us to their client base. It's a win/win. Morton's gains access to a new audience, people attend and have a taste of Morton's wonderful food and we raise money for a worthy cause.

Try this for your business. It's a great way to feel good and experience a win/win!

By the way, if you would like to attend this really great event, visit the Morton's The Steakhouse website and sign up! I'll see you there!

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