What's in your marketing mix?

When I started my company in 1991 the name was Global Marketing Group - thus the GMG in GMG Public Relations. Marketing seemed like an all encompassing title then and I wanted to be all things to all people (big mistake when marketing!). In any case, when I incorporated in 1996 I shortened the name to GMG Public Relations because public relations better described my company's focus. However, now it seems like I could go back to the old company name. So much of what I do now is overall marketing. Yes PR is a big part of what I do, getting articles for people, writing press releases, arranging interviews, but I also do a lot more consulting and advising when it comes to an overall marketing program. An effective marketing program often includes PR, direct mail, advertising, social media, etc. and I enjoy putting all of those pieces together to create a more comprehensive program that will ultimately drive more sales. So, what's in your marketing mix?