What's in your marketing mix?

When I started my company in 1991 the name was Global Marketing Group - thus the GMG in GMG Public Relations. Marketing seemed like an all encompassing title then and I wanted to be all things to all people (big mistake when marketing!). In any case, when I incorporated in 1996 I shortened the name to GMG Public Relations because public relations better described my company's focus. However, now it seems like I could go back to the old company name. So much of what I do now is overall marketing. Yes PR is a big part of what I do, getting articles for people, writing press releases, arranging interviews, but I also do a lot more consulting and advising when it comes to an overall marketing program. An effective marketing program often includes PR, direct mail, advertising, social media, etc. and I enjoy putting all of those pieces together to create a more comprehensive program that will ultimately drive more sales. So, what's in your marketing mix?

So, what is the greatest tool in social media?

Well some would say Twitter. Some might argue Facebook. Still others might say the blogosphere. Well I'm here to tell you that the answer is ..... drum rolll please... Flipbook! If you are scratching your head and never heard of it, it is probably because you don't have an iPad. Now before you think I'm being a tech snob or shilling for Apple, please be aware that I have had Windows machines for the past 2 decades. I don't own an iPhone and in fact when it's time for my next phone in July it will likely be an HTC Incredible. So why am I talking about the iPad now... well I received one as a gift and began playing. I heard about Flipbook awhile back and thought I would try it. In 3 days it has become my obsession and my best friend. It is an extraordinary tool for keeping up with socal media but not just Facebook. It is so much more than that.

You can see and access in a visually exciting and interesting way all the links, videos, stories, etc. from a wide variety of sources constantly updated whenever you check back. When Twitter seems like an endless stream of mindless self promoting links, and it can, albeit not all the time, Flipbook turns it into useful news you can access and review without having your eyes go crazy. You can quickly access and scan news and even keep up with trade info in an exciting and effective way. I have found it invaluable for keepng up with eveything from the Royal Wedding to Peter Shankman's latest musings to the latest NYTimes articles. I HIGHLY recommend getting it if you already have an iPad and if you don't yet own an iPad, go out and treat yourself for your birthday which is coming up sometime in the near future! You can thank me later!